Humor Writing


Virginia Woolf Gets Locked Out of Her Room of One’s Own (co-written with Jennie Egerdie) – 1.24.20

The Unrealized Potential of Dead Disney Moms (co-written with Sarah Garfinkel and Tara Millette) – 8.7.19

Translations of the Margin Notes From Your Freshman Composition Instructor – 8.30.18

Weekly Humorist

Gun Control Is Important But I Look Hot Wielding an M16 – 1.31.19

Museum of Americana

Obituaries for Unthinking New York City Pedestrians – 10.22.19

A Sexual Misconduct Reporting Process That’ll Help Us Get Out of the Office on Time – 9.9.19

Little Old Lady Comedy

Fleabag Answers Your Judgmental Gynecologist’s Questions (co-written with Tara Millette) – 9.24.19

On Being a Natural Writer – 3.15.19

Insurance Claim Denial for Harry Potter – 12.5.18

Self-Affirmations for Writing and/or Masturbating – 11.8.18

To My Neighbor Who Has Pit Bulls – 9.20.18

Special Instructions on Seamless Orders From an Environmentally Cognizant Individual – 7.12.18

Speech From the Class Mediocritarian – 6.8.18

Points in Case

Hire Me, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, As Your University’s Next Creative Writing Professor – 6.17.19

Feeling Left Out? Take This Quiz to Predict How Alone You’ll Die! – 7.1.18

The Company-Wide Reply-All: When “Just a Test” Becomes a Test of Will – 6.17.18


Excuses a Single Woman Who Didn’t Get Asked to Be a Bridesmaid Can Use to RSVP No to a Friend’s Wedding – 5.1.18